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SafeGrow products are non-toxic and compatible for use in soil, hydroponics and aeroponics; as well as suitable for biodynamic and organic farmers.

Environmentally responsible, the Activator and Booster are perfect for all plants at every stage from seed to harvest and for all operations. 

The products are manufactured using locally sourced premium raw materials with Canadian designed and made technology. Quality testing ensures potency.

DYNAMIC DUO: Activator and Booster

​Clean, nourished and hydrated. 

While each product is highly effective alone, together they work synergistically.

Increasing reduction-oxidation potential promotes effecient photosynthesis, providing energy for healthier plants,

and creating optimal conditions for increased yields. 



BOOSTER is an excellent soil enhancer. 

Soil remains fluffy and aeriated which allows it to hold more oxygen, enabling the plant's vascular system to function properly. Since the soil is not compacted, the roots have the freedom to readily uptake nutrients and water, encouraging vigurous growth while maintaining proper drainage. 


Use diluted Activator to cleanse seeds prior to planting or packaging. Let seeds soak in Activator prior to planting. 

To promote healthy germination, soak seeds then drain and allow them to air-dry. This will ensure cleanliness and that they are contaminant-free.


To encourage clean healthy roots and prevention of root rot, submerge plant / clone roots in diluted Activator for 30 minutes prior to planting. 

To feed and develop root growth, use diluted Booster at base of plant during transplanting. Excellent for developing roots on plant clippings.


Use Booster to boost soil retention properties.  

Growers report Booster has been a game changer when dealing drought and hotter environmental conditions. 


Use diluted Activator as a foliage spray.

Add to misting system to cleanse foliage of contaminants and to prevent scale buildup on plants. 

Bosoter is a specialty fertilizer that is perfectly safe to spray on the foliage of plants and will not cause burn even at

full strength. 

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