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Ultra-Lyte Degreaser solution acts as a mild degreaser and remover of organic matter, with a pH of 11.5.  It’s  perfect for use within pressure washers to help remove bio-film, and reduce wash time.


Water used for the fracturing of oil and gas wells can be treated with electrolized water solutions to manage bacteria, protecting fracturing fluids and gels, and ensuring polymer and propant performance.  Ultra-Lyte Degreaser can remove scale and slime build-up from pipes, and cooling water systems can be kept free of biomass, improving heat exchange values and eliminating corrosion caused microbial induced corrosion (MIC).  Produced water may be treated before being revised in stimulation fluids or water floods.


When applied to hard surfaces, the organic load - which is the protecting barrier, and food source for growth of micro-organisms - is removed. And when followed by a surface treatment with electrolized water Disinfectant, bacteria are effectively killed.

Ultra-Lyte De-Greaser

PriceFrom C$8.50
  • Sizes Available Through Website:

    - 10 oz Sprayer

    - 4 L Jug

    - 18.9 L Pail


    Additional Sizes are available:

    - 210 L Drum

    - 1000 L Tote

    - 1250 L Tote

    (Please contact us directly for costs and ordering)


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