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Medical Services


Dental Clinics

Contamination in dental lines has been well documented over the past 30 years. In India, HOCl has been experimented on the narrow flexible tubes. They are an ideal environment for proliferation of bacterial colonies which can become a serious threat to patients and dental staff alike. Biofilms and viruses such as  Legionella pneumophila,  HIV, dental plaque are eliminated without harming equipment.

First Responders

Carry HOCl for highly effective ready to use sanitation and disinfection for unexpected situations. Prevent cross contamination. HOCl has been documented as a log 6 reduction value! That is higher than bleach, alcohol and hydrogen peroxide.

HOCl provides protection without toxicity.

Hypochlorous Acid: A Review ( Acid: A Review (

Hospitals & Clinics

Disinfection of hospital environments including sensitive equipment like CT Scanners. HOCl is not corrosive and is 100% safe to use around patients. There are many experiments that have been conducted on HOCl's highly rated efficacy in killing viruses. 

Veterinarian Clinics

HOCl has been used in veterinarian clinics in several countries for many years. It has even been documented to be beneficial for wound irrigation! It is widely used for pressure sores, skin irritations, chronic wounds, and irritations to name only a few. Our solutions are an excellent safe choice for your clinic.

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